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TELUS Code of Ethics & Conduct

Certification of Commitment to the TELUS Code of Ethics & Conduct
If you would like to contact the Ethics office directly, please call 1 866 515 6333

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

I have read and understand the Conflict of Interest section within the TELUS Code of Ethics & Conduct and declare that:
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Conflict of Interest
(Even if you have disclosed in previous years, please disclose again this year if the situation remains a possible conflict.)
Possible conflicts include, but are not limited to:
  • Utilizing TELUS time to promote personal interests or the interests of third parties.
  • Holding a second job or acting as a consultant for a vendor, supplier or a competitor to TELUS.
  • Conducting TELUS business with related parties (family members or close personal relationship members or members of your economic household) or with businesses in which you or related parties have a significant interest.
  • In your personal account, speculating or dealing in materials, supplies, equipment or product which TELUS buys or sells, or in the property rights in which TELUS may be interested.
  • Serving as a director, officer, associate or consultant for companies with which TELUS transacts business, or that are competitors of TELUS.
  • Making or holding investments in competitors or in companies with whom TELUS does business if such investments have the effect or appearance of influencing your business judgment and duty to TELUS.
  • Accepting gifts or benefits in violation of the Gifts and Benefits guidelines within the Code of Ethics & Conduct.
Explanation of Possible Conflict:
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